Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Girl with the Butterfly on her Face

This piece used hand drawn doodle flowers surrounding "Off in the Distance" stamp by Donna Downey for Unity Stamp, Neoclour II crayons,  Pitt Big Brush pens and paint. I am entering this into the Thats Crafty Oddles of Doodles challenge.

When I first started this piece I had flowers on the right and the face on the left but I was not happy with the face so I added flowers all round so I drew, coloured and cut some more out from water colour paper and sort of collaged them on.  A butterfly rub on caught my eye and the piece finally seemed right and I was happy with it.  The title refers to my Lupus, the symbol for Lupus groups is the butterfly as we get a butterfly shaped (or Mylar) rash on our faces, so these seemed a a bit pretty way to have a butterfly on the face.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL doodled image, love the title of your post and how this reflects in your drawing :-) xxx