Monday, 12 October 2015


I recently found out that the term for a large number of butterflies is a Kaleidoscope, love that.  Anyway as you can see my make for That’s Crafty once again features a lot of butterflies indeed a whole Kaleidoscope of them.  The reason for this is that October is Lupus Awareness month and the butterfly is the symbol for Lupus (although I think it should be the wolf as that is what Lupus means) Anyhoo  as I was diagnosed with Lupus 4 years ago and been battling ever since to get my health under some sort of control I thought I would indulge a bit in butterflies this month, so beware there are likely to be more before the end of the month.  For full details of the make pop over to That’sCrafty Blog for a peek.  Thank you

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