Monday, 24 October 2016

Hunter's Moon

Last Weekend on Sunday night we had a “Hunter’s Moon”.  The Harvest Moon is the full moon nearest the autumn equinox and the Hunters Moon is the first full moon after that.  Both moons are close to the equinox and appear in the sky earlier than usual. You can usually see the moon rising in the sky around the same time as sunset, and because it’s near to sunset, it can take on a red or orange colour. The orange hue is because when you stare at the horizon to watch the sunset and low moon, you are looking through a thicker layer of atmosphere than if you are gazing straight up. The atmosphere scatters blue light but allows red light through to our eyes. Whereas the glow of the Harvest Moon helped farmers to gather crops as the daylight hours got shorter, the Hunter’s Moon gave extra light to hunters looking for deer, boar or other prey destined for dinner. This has inspired my picture this week.

I have chosen a Wolf as my hunter as October is Lupus awareness month and as some of you may know I have SLE form of this disease, and Lupus means Wolf chosen originally as people with Lupus often have a skin rash which was thought to look like they had been attacked by a Wolf.  The butterfly is the official symbol of the disease because the face rash is the shape of a butterfly with open wings, but for this October I am embracing my inner Wolf. 

For more details of what I used and how I made my picture please pop over to the That's Crafty! blog 

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