Monday, 27 July 2015


This is my latest piece for the That's Crafty blog - That's Blogging Crafty.

I already had several hand carved stamps.  I brayered some Carbon Black paint on my craft sheet and dipped the stamps in the paint before randomly stamping over my That's Crafty Alterables Whiteboard  10.5ins x 8.25ins board.  This is my preferred way of getting the paint onto stamps, as I’m less likely to gunk the stamp up ith paint ths way.

I then applied a coat of paint  using dabs of DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics  Quinacridone Mageneta and Napthol Red Light brayed  together so there were patches of the different colours.

Next came the DecoArt Modeling Paste applied with a palette knife over the Peony blooms only of the Donna  Downey Signature Stencil Bloom Group.

When dry I gave the petals and the gaps between a coat of white paint then mixed the Napthol Red with the White to create different shades of pink and applied them to the petals to give a sense of light and shade.  

To make the blooms pop more from the background I went into the space around the Blooms with Cobalt Turquoise, Green Gold and Hansa Yellow Light 

Finally I added my text Bloom

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  1. Blooming gorgeous ! Moira You have created a fabulous sense of light and shade on the petals of the blooms- it really caught my eye n just had to pop over to see more . I so admire the way you use colour so confidently . Its been a real pleasure to see your makes for the Thats Crafty Blog .