Monday, 10 August 2015

Mirrors should think longer before they reflect

Another Journal Page today.

My starting point was this Jean Cocteau quote.  I'm no philosopher so not entirely sure what it means but for me it was about thinking more before speaking about ones opinions.  I  am sometimes guilty of opening my mouth before engaging the brain, so it's a personal reminder.

The background was a Gelli Plate print  I had from my last humungous gelli print making session.  I tend to batch make with no particular project in mind then pull from the stack as and when I want to use one.  All my pens and brushes are now in tins with Gelli print wrappers.  My Gelli plate is the large one so a print just fits a two page spread in my journal.

I placed the Donna Downey Collage Face stencil on the Gelli print and went round the edges with Dina Wakley paint in Blackberry Violet  using a foam pad.  When dry I reversed the stencil and put the face on the other side in a mirror image.

I adhered the Gelli print to my journal and cut round the edges.

I went back into the image with additional mark making  using the oil pastels and hand carved stamps with  paint to add some more depth and my Fude pen to sharpen outlines. 

The text is computer generated and glued.


  1. I am a huge fan of facial images and yours is fabulous! Moira I started a journo spread using facial images awhile ago now - i must get round to finishing it . Thx for the memory jog xx