Monday, 24 August 2015

Poppy Mirror

It's my turn today over at the Blog for the That's Crafty Shop, That's Blogging Crafty.  I've gone for a piece of home decor with a painted mirror.

Donna Downey Stencil
DecoArt Modelling Paste
Palette Knife
DecoArt Media Acrylic Paints – Cobalt Teal, Cobalt Turquoise, Diarylide Yellow, Quinacridone Magenta,  Viridian Green Hue
Pitt Big Brush Pens
Fude Pen

I started with one of those square mirrors from a well known Swedish interiors store, it measures about 10 x 10 inches, but the wide border means there is lots of space for painting. (pic 1)
I added a layer of gesso then DecoArt Media Acrylic Paints in Cobalt Teal, Cobalt Turquoise, and Diarylide Yellow mixing them with gesso as I went. 

When dry mixed I DecoArt Modelling Paste with Quinacridone Magenta  and spread the coloured paste the Poppy part of the stencil over my mirror, moving the stencil round to get my poppies where I wanted them.  Next I mixed DecoArt Modelling Paste with Viridian Green Hue and added the stalks to the poppies.

When the poppies were dry itmay well, if you are a messy crafter like me, look a mess and need tidying up also at this stage  l went over them with Quinacridne Red and Pyrole Red Yellow to get multiple shades in the poppy leaves.

Next I  used my Pitt Big Brush Pens to define the flowers and stems and add grey shading under the petals.  A final touch was to outline my poppies with the Fude Pen to make them pop.


  1. Love this Moira it's gorgeous xx

  2. Really lovely! Moira Love how ya poppys really pop against ya background x